Tatsoul Envy Gen 2 Bugpin Liners




Featuring the same high-end needle quality as the original TATSoul Envy Cartridges, the Envy Gen 2 Cartridges feature an industry-first, cartridge ‘finger ledge’ for maximum comfort, grip and control. This innovative design enables artists to grip the actual cartridge itself while tattooing. Other improvements include a housing redesign which has vastly improved ink flow and blister packaging which double up as cartridge holders. Available in boxes of 20 and with a wide variety of needle configurations including the usual Liners, Shaders and Mags but also as Hollow Apex Liners, Traditional Curved Mags, Whip Curved Mags and Textured Curved Mags.

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RL Needle Size Bugpin

1003RL, 1005RL, 1007RL, 1009RL


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