Electrum ECO Stencils Printer Ink – 120ml

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120ml bottle

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Electrum ECO Stencils Printer Ink – 120 ml (4 oz)

One bottle = approximately 3000 prints

Print high-quality, precise stencils directly from your Epson Eco Tank printer without the need to stencil your design by hand. Just print, transfer and tattoo. Two bottles will fill the reservoirs of your Epson Eco Tank printer entirely, but one is enough to work with.

To use, remove the cap from the ECO Stencils bottle, as well as the inner seal, then replace the cap with the dispensing cap that is included. Open all 4 reservoirs on the Eco Tank printer (do not have the printer on during this process) and fill each tank with 30 ml (1 oz) of ink, then recap the ink reservoirs. After the reservoirs are filled and recapped, follow the instructions included with your printer to complete the set-up process.


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